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About The Company

Viking Web Group provides a wide variety of highly professional web services for companies throughout the United States. Our services include web design, search engine optimization, video production, lead generation, web monitoring, domain sales, hosting and much more.


Eric O. Bragg

Our roots date back to 1998, when Eric O. Bragg, our Founder and President, created our first company offering, Debtmonitor, a collection agency referral network, and a viable company asset, even today.

Article by Steven Gan on Mr. Bragg's past experience

Through the years, we have evolved just like any other pro-active company, adding new services and different venues to benefit our valued clients in the marketing of their products and services online. Our focus is to provide superb web services for our clients in order to enhance their company brand, maximize their online visibility and to provide each of them with world class service and support.

 The Origin of Our Company Name

Our company name, Viking Web Group, was chosen by Mr. Bragg, a 3rd generation Norwegian, whose maternal grandparents, John & Marie Olsen, each journeyed from Oslo, Norway to America in the early 1900's in search of better opportunities. They met, fell in love and married, settling in the coastal town of Sea Bright, New Jersey. With a strong ancestral tree consisting of Viking warriors, along with fishermen, traders and farmers, Mr. Bragg is profoundly inspired by and deeply proud of his Viking heritage. Takk, gå med Gud. 

Translation: "Thank you, go with God."





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